The Adult Student’s Guide, 2nd Edition

Compiled by Leigh Grossman and Lesley McBain
400 pages | 8 1/2″ x 11″ | $18.95
ISBN: 1-931013-02-0

With more than half of American college students now “nontraditional,” this book is an essential reference work. The only comprehensive guide available for nontraditional students, the newly updated Adult Student’s Guide includes descriptions of more than 600 adult bachelor’s degree programs throughout the country, as well as practical information on financial aid for adults, life experience credits, and other key information for adult learners. Jointly written by a college professor and a longtime financial aid administrator.  

According to the United States Department of Education and the College Board, almost half the college students in the U.S. are age 25 or older, and the number of students age 40 and above has more than doubled in the last two decades. The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education reports that one out of every three students enrolled in higher education is a part-time student over 25 years old.

The problems and choices adult students face are far different from those of traditional college students. Instead of facing life away from home for the first time, adult students must balance schoolwork with full-time employment, and often with family as well. Yet most colleges are geared exclusively to full-time, traditional day students, and adult students are given very little guidance. And while more and more nontraditional programs are springing up, each of them as very different strengths and areas of concentration.

Despite these limitations, adult students can get much more out of college than their traditional-age fellows. Adult students tend to be more focused, to have more definite goals, and can draw on a variety of life experiences to aid them in their studies. The Adult Student’s Guide is designed to help nontraditional students and their families find the right college program, and successfully face the challenges and costs of higher education.

Inside the book are descriptions of more than 600 adult bachelor’s degree programs, including how to get into each program, what its strengths are, what it costs, and other key information. The book also contains information on what to expect as an adult student, and on how to handle the unique problems that adult students face.


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