The Ultimate Witch

Edited by John Betancourt and Leigh Grossman
360 pages | 6″ x 9 ” | $11.95
ISBN: 0-440-50531-3

cover_ultwitch_smIn this haunting and provocative collection, some of the best-known authors of the fantastic and the mysterious explore the legends and lore of withches and witchcraft.

From Dean Koontz’s tale of a witch’s revenge on a purse snatcher to Jane Yolen’s story of sorcery in old Scotland, from S. P. Somtow’s eerie look at magic in modern-day Hollywood to Tanith Lee’s story of enchantment in an exotic land – here are spectacular stories transcending time and place.


I worked on this as understudy to SF editor John Betancourt (now publisher of Wildside Press), and got to learn the ins and outs of putting together an open anthology. The head of the packager producing the book was convinced that it should be a “family-oriented” book on witchcraft, to the point of insisting on a disclaimer in the front of the book. However, he didn’t actually read the book that John and I put together, for all that he insisted on the lead editing credit. Luckily I had moved on to another job by the time the book actually came out andPublisher’s Weekly singled out Karl Edward Wagner’s story about a transvestite prostitute for special praise. Lars Hokanson’s woodcuts illustrating every story are terrific, by the way.