The Wildside Gaming System: Fantasy Roleplaying Edition

By Leigh Grossman
272 pages | 8 1/2 ” x 11 ” | $29.95
ISBN: 0-8095-1114-2

cover_wildsideThe Wildside Gaming System is a flexible, innovative, ultra-realistic role-playing system designed specifically for adult and experienced gamers. Combining realistic and logical character development, realistic combat, and accurate historical elements, the Fantasy Role-Playing Edition is designed especially for Game Masters who like to create their own settings for swashbuckling heroics, magic, and adventure in a complex fantasy world.

Wildside features:

– Hundreds of available skills (weapons, languages, riding, etc.) with costs weighted depending on character stats and other skills possessed.

– Head-to-head interactive combat, with realistic damage and no invulnerable characters – a logical, unique combat system that is fast and fun to play.

– Eighteen different types of magic (and dozens of subclasses), with thousands of available spells – and rules for creating an infinite number of new spells, magic weapons, and other enchanted items

– Character advancement in individual skills through use and learning instead of across-the-board advancement in levels.

– Advanced world-building tools for Game Masters, along with dozens of pre-set adventure seeds for people who want to jump right in.

– An interactive website at with additional tools for GMs and players, bulletin boards for finding gamers, demos, and GMing workshops in your area, and a place to read and submit Wildside-based fan-fiction, game scenarios, spells, and monsters.

The Wildside Fantasy Role-Playing System combines the best of old-style world-building with cutting-edge realism – for players who are tired of cookie-cutter games that assume the players have no imaginations. Give it a try and you’ll never go back to your old gaming system again!