The Wildside Book of Loot

By Leigh Grossman
288 pages | 8.5″ x 11 ” | $19.95 tpb
ISBN: 0-8095-7182-X

What’s got more magic treasure than a dragon’s hoard? The Wildside Book of Loot, with its thousands of personalized items has all the treasure a GM could ever want. With treasure for every occasion – from the aftermath of a dungeon crawl to those late-night shopping expeditions at the pawnshop selling “lightly used” magic items – The Wildside Book of Loot is an important resource for GMs who want to provide the perfect loot for the occasion. From basic resources (like tables of the most commonly found magic items and a spell point rune generator) to the expected (thousands of weapons and items that raise stats) to the truly exotic (like magical pets and furniture), The Wildside Book of Loot is a unique resource for roleplaying gamers.

Almost 10,000 distinct magic items in more than 40 categories – all the treasure a GM could ever want

Tables for generating the most commonly found magic items, as well as percentile tables for more obscure items

GMs can select the perfect item from categorized lists, roll randomly within a category, or roll on a massive table of nearly 10,000 magic items

Thousands of pieces of magical treasure for gamers to discover everywhere from castles to dungeons to dragon hordes to pockets they’ve picked. Everything from magic weapons to magic pets to magic cosmetics – designed for The Wildside Gaming System, but includes conversions into other popular systems.

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