The Red Sox Fan Handbook

Compiled by Leigh Grossman
386 pages | 6″ x 9” | $16.95 tpb
ISBN: 1-579401-10-4

Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovered the Red Sox Nation during the incredible 2004 World Championship season, this book has everything you want to know or remember about the Sox.

– Who was the Red Sox pitcher who died for love?
– Who caught a rat in his glove during a game?
– Which players took photos of a teammate sleeping with a stripper?
– Which player was arrested while trying to flee the country in midseason?
– What are the new seats at Fenway Park like?
– What are the best places to eat before and after the game?
– What happens now that there’s no more curse?

Updated for the 2005 season, this third edition of The Red Sox Fan Handbook includes up-to-date entries on over 350 key players (past and present), great moments and rivalries, an expanded history of the team, the top 50 Red Sox minor leaguers, Red Sox-related websites and books, new guides to visiting Fenway Park and the minor league parks, a Red Sox fan’s guide to (safely) visiting Yankee Stadium, and much more.

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